Have you ever had a low time in your life and felt that no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to pull yourself out of an unhappy place? Or maybe you see, or have witnessed, family or friends struggling. In many instances, they suffer in silence.

In support of MIND, the wonderful charity doing much-needed work for better mental health, we invite you to join us for an incredible hour of deep relaxation, cocooned in the sound of Sacred Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Just lie down, close your eyes and breathe gently and deeply, allowing the tones, overtones and undertones to dissolve any worries and release any tensions. As you relax in this safe and comfortable space, the rich soundscape will transport you to places of internal peace, happiness, love, surprise and joy.

We encourage you to wear loose and comfortable clothing as the more comfortable you are the more beneficial the Gong Bath. You will be provided with a yoga mat to lie on but please bring a blanket to keep warm as your body temperature may shift during deep relaxation. Some people also like to bring a cushion or pillow for extra comfort.

You will be bathed in the power of ten Sacred Gongs, some particularly large, some rare:

Oetken Water Gong, 40" – “An homage to the strength and sounds of this important element, awe-inspiring in its strength and delightful with its healing properties. Played softly, the vibrations flow mystically in a swirling soothing manner, creating a calm and cleansing soundscape. When struck swiftly, a harmonic oceanic wash rushes outward with an immense dynamic feel.”

Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gong, 38" – “Deep and unfathomable, peaceful and wide lows, foaming and swelling highs, dissolving fades. Mysterious, knowing, allowing, inexorable and kind.”

Paiste Sound Creation Moon Gong, 24" “Complex and other-worldly in its harmonic makeup, with a mystical but clear, resonant and long-lasting ‘calm and knowing’ bell-like tone. Deep, feminine, enveloping, shielding. Confident and forgiving, receptive, reflector of the inner light.”

Paiste Sun Gong, 38" “Featuring a strong and deep fundamental note (B1) tuned to represent the orbital properties of Sun. The Sun Gong is said to enhance our perception of the transcendental, bringing us into new dimensions, to a state where good and bad, time and space, are surpassed.”

Paiste Sidereal Moon Gong, 24"“I feel: emotional balance, enhanced intuition, receptivity and inner-self. Facilitation of decision making, completion of goals.”

Paiste Uranus Gong, 24" – “The planet of progress: spontaneity, insight, discovery. Life changes, freedom, revolution, originality, clarity and creative focus.”

Paiste Symphonic Gongs (34 & 32) – “Expanding and harmonious blends of resonating tones. Powerful, pure, cosmic, radiating, kindly and wise”

Paiste Symphonic Gongs (34" & 32") – “Expanding and harmonious blends of resonating tones. Powerful, pure, cosmic, radiating, kindly and wise”

Paiste No10 Chakra Gong (16") – “A charismatic sound that embodies a wealth of exemplary emotional sensations and feelings. A ‘bundled’ and sustained bell-like tone: influencing, penetrating, harmonic and lasting.”

Milas Infinite Union Gong, 30" – Specially commissioned to represent and bring about union: breaking down barriers and disconnects, uniting mankind, mankind with Planet Earth, Mother Nature and the wider cosmos. As it makes its début, you will be one of the first to be bathed by this unique Gong.