Gong Bath experience.

Individual Gong Bath
Traditonal therapy for contemporary living


A Gong Bath is an extremely relaxing experience so it's best to arrive unhurried, so you can immediately take advantage of the soothing sound waves of the Gongs.


First you will be offered a glass of natural mineral water, or mineral water infused with organic lemon & mint or organic cucumber (subject to availability), whatever your preference.


After a short discussion (slightly longer if this is your first time), you will lie down, fully clothed, on a faux fur blanket, resting your head on a pillow (layered with an individual, freshly laundered cover) and wrapped in one or more blankets, depending on your preference.


Your Gong Bath is about to begin...


​You will be asked if there is any particular intention for this Gong Bath and if so, would you like to share it with me? This allows your practitioner to focus on it with you as he connects with the Gongs. Sometimes people don't have a particular intention for their Gong Bath. Other times they do, but would like to keep it to themselves. Either of these, of course, is absolutely fine.


Now you will hear me say "Your Gong Bath will be over when you hear my voice again."  I will start by reciting the Universal Greeting followed by chiming the Tibetan Tingshaw bells, a gentle but bright wave of sound that drifts over you in marked contrast to the richer sound of the sacred Gongs.


As the velvety drone of the Gongs...


​...begin to envelope what may feel like every pore of your body, many people soon drift away. For some, on several occasions, this can happen within quite a short period of time. On other occasions they may be conscious of the ebbing sound of the Gongs throughout their entire Bath, but nonetheless still lose sense of time as they are calmed by their soothing presence.


​In what may seem like hardly any time at all, many minutes will have passed by and the sacred Gongs quieten back to infinity as they make way for the Ocean Drum to whisper her song.  If you hear her whispers you will soon notice that brighter wave of sound of the Tingshaw bells again, marking the beginning of a short period of absolute silence before your Gong Bath draws to a close.


At this point your practitioner will gently let you know that your Gong Bath has concluded, for this occasion, and offer you more water.